This collaboration and celebration of women artists began with a conversation that is reproduced as the first entry to our blog. We have known one another for over twenty years and we have been involved with the art world for an even longer period and our observations about the way careers develop and the works that are produced and seen and either canonized or forgotten inform our decisions and what we wish to accomplish. We plan to present a number of serious and important women artists who have been working for at least 20 years and focus attention on their work. By way of introduction, we have begun by presenting ourselves to you along with one work by each of us that we feel has been a “seminal” work in our development as artists. We will continue by interviewing other woman artists. We will both make a photographic portrait of each artist, in much the same way as we made a photographic portrait of each other (shown on the blog banner) and we will present one work by that artist in the context of the interview that they feel is significant or “seminal” for them in their development and artistic practice. In addition to this blog, we will hold occasional events or “salons” and once we have reached a point of critical mass we will publish a book of the interviews, artist portraits and works.